Packet Ranch Ghost Eyes All Accounts Frozen

    • Height: 19in
  • Weight: 35 Lbs
  • MDRI & DM Carrier
  • CERF: Normal
  • OFA: Dysplastic With Remodeling Of Femoral Head And Neck
  • Bite: Undershot
  • Note: Sadly This Girl Is Spayed And Will Not Be Used In Our Breeding Program. Her Father And Siblings Are Dysplastic Also. I Got A Whole Whopping $368.20 Refund Because I Will Not Take Another Puppy. You Will Never See Me Breed A Dysplastic Dog Ever And If There Is A Genetic Issue I Will Always Refund Your Money. The Breeder Of This Dog Said She Never Wanted To Be THAT Breeder To Sell A Dog To Someone They Were Unhappy With. I Am VERY Unhappy And She IS THAT Breeder.