Jessey Horn

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About Us And Our Dogs

MeetThePosse_GroupPhotoWe are located in York County, Pennsylvania. I am a full time self employed mobile pet groomer. I bred and showed Selkirk Rex and Maine Coons in CFA championship since 1987.  In 2009 I neutered everything to follow my new love The Mini Aussie AKA Miniature American Shepherd. I got my 1st dog with the intent to only have 1 dog. He was neutered. Needless to say someone told me they are like potato chips.  You can’t just have 1. Boy were they right.  So I got my next and neutered him. This still did not fill my void so now I have acquired a male and female with plans of moving towards AKC championship.

My dogs are also registered therapy dogs and do agility, Sheep herding, Barn hunting, Obedience, Lure Coursing and just starting conformation. We enjoy doing all this to prove our dogs in all different avenues.  Along with being great well rounded pets too. These dogs have so much to give. Unconditional love and loyalty.

There’s a lot to be learned from an Aussie.